Mayveena Lillian ROLES [Parents]

They had the following children:

  M i Cyril HYLAND
  F ii Lynette HYLAND
  F iii Sheila HYLAND

Robert Twining WILLIAMS [Parents]

Ella Louisa

They had the following children:

  M i Douglas WILLIAMS
  F ii Margaret Lorraine WILLIAMS

Steven HOSKINSON [Parents]


They had the following children:

  F i Candice HOSKINSON

Thomas KERRY married Mary Anne JERMY.


Mary Anne JERMY [Parents] was born 1876 in Ludham. She died 1907. Mary married Thomas KERRY.

Obadiah ASH [Parents] was born 1792 in Helston, Cornwall, England and was baptized 15 Jan 1794 in Helston, Cornwall, England. He married Elizabeth GROSE.

Elizabeth GROSE was born 1794 in Cornwall, England. She married Obadiah ASH.

They had the following children:

  F i
Elizabeth ASH was born 1816 in Gwinear, Cornwall, England and was baptized 5 May 1816 in Gwinear, Cornwall, England.
  M ii
Obadiah ASH was born 14 Jul 1822 in Okehampton, Devon, England and was baptized 21 Nov 1822 in Okehampton, Devon, England.
  M iii Matthew Henry ASHE was born 31 May 1824 and died 29 Jun 1894.
  M iv
John ASH was born 3 Oct 1826 in Penzance, Cornwall, England and was baptized 2 Nov 1826 in Penzance, Cornwall, England.
  F v Jane ASH was born 29 Aug 1830.
  M vi Joseph Howell ASH was born 27 Mar 1832 and died 14 Sep 1916.
  M vii Matthew Grose ASH was born 28 May 1836 and died 1871.

William CURTIS was born 1818 in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. He married Ann.

Ann was born 1820. She married William CURTIS.

They had the following children:

  M i Alfred CURTIS was born 1836.

Phillip Robin BANNISTER

Margaret Lorraine WILLIAMS [Parents]

Jacob JERMY [Parents] was born 1874 in Potter Heigham and was baptized 19 Apr 1874. He died 28 Mar 1911. Jacob married Mary Ann Elizabeth DOLBY.

Mary Ann Elizabeth DOLBY married Jacob JERMY.

Edward Frank FRANCIS [Parents] was born 16 Aug 1906 in Norfolk, England. He died 1990. Edward married Constance L ROMANO on 1962.

Other marriages:
SMITH, Dorothy Gladys

Constance L ROMANO


Doris Muriel FRANCIS [Parents]

Other marriages:

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